The Grand National – Shutthefrontdoor!

So it’s grand national day today and everyone’s looking for the insider knowledge as to who’s worth a punt in the biggest race of the calendar. Unfortunately you won’t find any insider knowledge here, although, even the experts rarely can call such a race as the national. It’s a 4 mile steeplechase with the horses jumping 30 fences over 2 laps. Which in lay-terms means it’s a bastard of a race where form fades into insignificance.
I’ve taken a punt on a few horses this year with the approach of name-association. I’ve also scatter gunned the selection, which is probably poor betting form as I need an out and out winner to actually make any money.
The two I’ve gone for to win are shutthefrontdoor and Boston Bob. You heard it here folks, but don’t put your house on it, however if you do, don’t forget to shut the front door.